Dancing Monsters

Punch them all you want, they will roll, get right back up, and invite you for another round.

To make them you will need some paper, tape, play dough and kinder surprise eggs.
1. Find interesting patterns or colors in old newspapers and cut approximately 6*11 cm pieces.
2. Fill one half of the plastic egg (spherical deodorant cap would work even better) with play dough. If you can find some small yet heavy object to put inside it will work even better.
3. Wrap the paper around, and fix it with tape.
4. Close the top with tape and add some eyes, ears, horns, or a bell (as on the green guy's ear above). If you you use blocking tape it's convenient to draw on.

Happy punching!


  1. these are the cutest ever. now all i have to do is wait for Easter to buy some eggs or find someone who uses that kind of deoderant, lol.

  2. super cute idea. I am pinning this!