Soft Baby Toy

For the little ones, when it is all about color, sound and texture, you can easily make many different toys literally in minutes.

You will need a piece of fabric (length twice the width), some ribbons and some scrap fabrics to fill it. Additionally you can sew a bell inside or add a piece of a crinkly plastic bag for sound effects.

1. Fold the fabric in half (good side inside) and sew two sides together. You can already add some ribbons in this step.
2. Turn the fabric right side out. Fill it with some scrap pieces of soft fabric and add materials that make interesting sounds (experiment!). Close the remaining side by putting the two seams together to form a tetrahedron.
3. Add additional ribbons if you wish, and and sew the last seam to close the remaining oppened side.

For additional colors and textures, you can connect several different fabrics to form the rectangular piece you start with. This will also give you more seams to insert ribbons in. Have fun experimenting!


  1. i have a six week old grandson who will be getting some of these for Christmas. thank you so much!

  2. Could you give the fabric dimensions that you used? Just to give my an idea of the size.

  3. Hey! Thanks for the interest :) I used 8*16cm (about 3*6 in) peace of fabric (plus hems). Let me know how yours turn out.

  4. Thanks! I just made one for my soon to be nephew! =)

  5. Hi, I love these and want to make some right away for babes in my life. Can you give a little more detail about adding colors? Can it just be all "wonky wacky" or do you simply sew for ex 3 squares together to make a rectangle?
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Experiment! They come together really quickly. You can try any combination of pieces that forms a rectangle, or... you might end up with a different shape! Let us know how it goes.

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