I found such joy in making and playing with these megaphones. They are so simple to make, you just need to roll a big cardboard or paper in a cone and cut off the end so they are flat. Little bit of glue to hold it all together and a peace of string for easier carrying. Done before you know it! My only recommendation is: make them big!

I was amazed and surprised at all the ways kids play with these. They apparently can be hats you hide under, bazookas, clubs, traffic cones you run around... If you find some more applications, let me know.

And remember - being loud can be important - especially for those kids who are quiet by nature. Exclaiming to the world you are here is a joy. Support this in your kids, and share this joy with them. We all enjoy our peace and quiet, but there needs to be a place and time for LOUD and VISIBLE! Cheers!

Be creative. Send me photos of your creations, I will publish them here. You can also share your creations with us on our facebook page

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