Star of Patience

Usually when I make something for the blog, I need to make it again to photograph the creation process (the first time around it is impossible because I don't know what I am doing :). But not for this one! Because it takes quite a bit of patience to complete it (hence the title). So once is quite enough for me, thank you. 

All you need is some scrap materials to cut the triangles from, and to fill the star in the end.
Choose your favorite geometrical shape, in this case the base is a icosahedron, with a spike added to each face. If you want to reduce the amount of patience needed, go for the tetrahedron perhaps! Then you see how many triangles you need (60 in my case), and cut them out. For reference, I made them with 5 cm base and 7 cm high. Then you saw together pieces to form the spikes, and this is the easy part, because you can do it on the sewing machine. Once you have the spikes, the fun starts :D because you need to hand-stitch them together, and it takes a while... After you fill it and close it, you might want to additionally  straighten the points where 5 spikes meet. 

Good luck if you try this, hope you have better supplies of patience than me ;)